Host your own cloud based online IDE

You can host your own Cloud9 online editor on any node based platform. This way it works way cost effective than off the shelf service providers such as C9, Koding, etc.

I just created a 1GB VM with for $10/month.

git clone c9sdk
cd c9sdk

You can run the  script also to update the SDK to the latest version.


Start Cloud9 in the SDK as follows:
 ./server.js -p 8080 -l -a :

The following options can be used:
 --settings       Settings file to use
--help           Show command line options.
-t               Start in test mode
-k               Kill tmux server in test mode
-b               Start the bridge server - to receive commands from the cli  [default: false]
-w               Workspace directory
--port           Port
--debug          Turn debugging on
--listen         IP address of the server
--readonly       Run in read only mode
--packed         Whether to use the packed version.
--auth           Basic Auth username:password
--collab         Whether to enable collab.
--no-cache       Don't use the cached version of CSS